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From hotels, leisure centres, hospitals, offices and residential apartment blocks to restaurants and pubs, the provision of TV services and entertainment is now expected of many businesses.

Our professional satellite and TV installation services range from repairing or setting up a single, state of the art TV system and surround sound installation to creating a fully integrated TV network with hundreds of individual users.

At PME, our satellite and TV design and installation service is completely customised to your needs and budget.

Whatever project you’re working on – be it setting up a cinema style TVscreen or projector in a pub to show football games to customers, or fitting out a residential home with individual but centrally controlled in-room TVs operating from a single dish or aerial, at PME our electrical engineers will carry out the design and installation to the highest possible professional standard with the certified equipment and workmanship that you need for business regulation compliance.

We specialise in bespoke installations, fitting satellites and TV aerials in the optimum place for your building and ensuring you get the service you need. We don’t just install either; we repair and maintain aerials, satellite dishes and all associated electrical equipment too, whether we carried out the original installation or not.

Mobile phone signal boosting

In today’s communication age, being in an area without a mobile phone signal is frustrating and disruptive to the smooth running of everyday life.

We can install antenna systems that will allow you to use mobile phones and mobile internet (GPRS) in areas where the signal inside a building is usually too low for reliable communication, so you, your staff, guests or residents don’t have to struggle with the annoyance of being off the grid.

With over 19 years ofexperience in electrical engineering, we are the industry leading experts in this field with the customer care and aftersales service to match.

If you’d like to find out more about our satellite and TV systems services for your business, just call or email us today for some free, expert advice.



Ensure your property is protected with the best professionally installed emergency fire and smoke alarm systems. Monitor your property with full CCTV surveillance and security systems. We can even install emergency back-up power systems in case your lighting or security systems unexpectedly fail.


We love helping our customers create the stylish features that make your property truly personal to your business. Luxury finishing touches like recessed lighting and outdoor heating can create the ambience a modern building only can benefit from.


We know how important energy efficiency is too. We can carry out home energy and heat tracing audits and show you how your office or building can run more efficiently or make use of the latest solar and wind powered technology,to turn your building into an environment conscious project.


To make your home work with your modern lifestyle, we can install state of the art systems for home entertainment, AV SAT systems including HDMI technology, smart home features like climate and lighting control functions that can be controlled from your mobile.