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KNX automation for assisted living

At PME, we started life as a family company and we still hold strong the customer service values that our company was founded on. We have many years of experience supporting senior citizens who want to continue to live in their own homes with the assistance of KNX automated features.

We have a dedicated assisted living programme that can be mixed and matched to meet your individual circumstances.

Our Basic Assisted Living Programme is perfect to address primary safety concerns through the integration of fire, smoke and intruder alarms connected with the emergency services over the telephone line or wireless battery operated router.

Our Advanced Assisted Living Programme is suitable for those who need a little more than the basics and require a more advanced approach. As well as the safety features of our basic programme, additional features like automated heating and lighting controlled through movement sensors.

Our Comprehensive Assisted Living Programme offers even more complex integrated solutions for those people who are in need of constant monitoring. All of the features of our basic and advanced programmes but with additional audio and video controls, energy efficiency, voice control, access control systems and activity monitoring to allow family members to react quickly in case of emergency.

Simply designed for simple living

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a technical person, our expert electrical engineers will ensure your system is set up to go and that you can fully utilise all the features of your KNX intelligent home or building with ease.

If you would like to find out more about the KNX intelligent homes and buildings services we can offer, just call or email us today for more information.

KNX is the future of intelligent buildings, home automation and energy monitoring.

A KNX system can be made to fit any demands and any purpose, from simple lighting controls to complicated multifunction energy monitoring, blind/shutter controls and weather station stimulated internal climate control systems.

KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building automationfor both commercial and domestic applications.

For commercial and multi-use buildings, full automation including the control of electrical appliances, air conditioning, heating, lighting and automatic access through a central console results in improved building management as well as improved energy efficiency and cost savings.



Ensure your property is protected with the best professionally installed emergency fire and smoke alarm systems. Monitor your property with full CCTV surveillance and security systems. We can even install emergency back-up power systems in case your lighting or security systems unexpectedly fail.


We love helping our customers create the stylish features that make your property truly personal to your business. Luxury finishing touches like recessed lighting and outdoor heating can create the ambience a modern building only can benefit from.


We know how important energy efficiency is too. We can carry out home energy and heat tracing audits and show you how your office or building can run more efficiently or make use of the latest solar and wind powered technology,to turn your building into an environment conscious project.


To make your home work with your modern lifestyle, we can install state of the art systems for home entertainment, AV SAT systems including HDMI technology, smart home features like climate and lighting control functions that can be controlled from your mobile.