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When every second counts, the right fire alarm can literally save lives.

When a fire breaks out, you have only minutes to escape. Fire alarms are one of the most important safety precautions to protect your family and property.

At PME,we design and install fire alarms and fire protection systems for all kinds of properties, from simple battery or mains operated smoke and heat detection systems, to intelligent, state of the art analogue fire alarm systems that can detect whether there is a fire or a fault with your smoke detector.

The right fire alarm for your family home

We supply a wide range of different fire alarm options to suit all home owners, but they all operate on the same principle. If smoke or heat is detected then an alarm sounds to warn others in the building that there may be a fire and to evacuate.

If you want your fire alarm to go a step further, we can even incorporate remote signalling to alert the fire brigade if a fire breaks out, for the ultimate protection for your family home.

Many new homes are now installed with mains operated fire alarms that meet new commercial building regulations. If you are refurbishing a house or adding an extension, this option offers the best protection for your home. Being operated from the mains, you can forget about hearing that annoying beep every few months when your fire alarm batteries are running out, leaving your home unprotected until you get around to replacing the battery.

More than most

Our fire alarm installations meet the legal standard requirements of BS5839 Part 1 and BS39 Part 6. But at PME, we like to go further than meeting the basic minimum. Our expert electrical engineers are passionate about helping home owners secure and protect their homes in the best way possible. As a family-run business, we know how important it is for you to feel safe in your home and to protect the ones you love.

We can do a survey of your home and provide a customised fire alarm solution that works exactly how you want it to work. We also offer a full maintenance service for complete peace of mind that your family and home is always protected.

If you’d like to find out more about fire alarms, or want some advice on your options, please call or email us today.



Ensure your home and family is protected with the best professionally installed emergency fire and smoke alarm systems. Monitor your property with full CCTV surveillance and security systems. We can even install emergency back-up power systems in case your lighting or security systems unexpectedly fail.


We love helping our customers create the stylish features that make your home truly personal to you. Luxury finishing touches like recessed lighting and outdoor heating can create the ambience you’ve always dreamed of.


We know how important energy efficiency is too. We can carry out home energy and heat tracing audits and show you how your home can run more efficiently or make use of the latest solar and wind powered technology,to turn your house into an environment conscious eco-home.


To make your home work with your modern lifestyle, we can install state of the art systems for home entertainment, AV SAT systems including HDMI technology, smart home features like climate and lighting control functions that can be controlled from your mobile.