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Emergency lighting for the modern home

A power cut no longer means an unnecessary interruption to your life.

Our friendly and dedicated electrical engineers can install a simple emergency lighting system in your home that will immediately detect a power outage and provide automatic emergency lighting when you need it most.

Your property is unique and our design team will help you to arrange the best locations for light fittings and other more sophisticated illumination.

Emergency lighting doesn’t need to cost the earth either. We will always work with you to find the most appropriate, bespoke solutions that work for your home and your budget. Often, we can adapt your existing lighting to perform emergency functions, so you can easily and comfortably deal with any unexpected power failures.

Our electrical engineers are qualified to the highest standards. Our work is fully tested and certified, but at PME we go much further than simply meeting industry standards. Every home we work on is treated with care and a devotion to customer service that stems from our proud heritage as a family-run business.

If you would like to know more about the expert emergency lighting services we can provide, just call or email us today for more information.

You might think of emergency lighting in the more traditional sense, associated with commercial and industrial property. But emergency lighting doesn’t just cover the emergency illumination that allows people to follow escape routes in highly populated buildings.

Many property owners are now choosing to install emergency lighting systems in their family homes to provide lighting in case a storm or flood takes down the power, the electrical mains fail or a fuse blows.

Scrambling for torches, batteries, candles and matches is a thing of the past for modern, forward-thinking homes.



Ensure your home and family is protected with the best professionally installed emergency fire and smoke alarm systems. Monitor your property with full CCTV surveillance and security systems. We can even install emergency back-up power systems in case your lighting or security systems unexpectedly fail.


We love helping our customers create the stylish features that make your home truly personal to you. Luxury finishing touches like recessed lighting and outdoor heating can create the ambience you’ve always dreamed of.


We know how important energy efficiency is too. We can carry out home energy and heat tracing audits and show you how your home can run more efficiently or make use of the latest solar and wind powered technology,to turn your house into an environment conscious eco-home.


To make your home work with your modern lifestyle, we can install state of the art systems for home entertainment, AV SAT systems including HDMI technology, smart home features like climate and lighting control functions that can be controlled from your mobile.