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Your business is our business

At PME, we understand that as a business owner, you need to choose the solution that works best for your business, meeting your legal obligations regarding emergency lighting and safety but also ensuring a cost efficient and non-intrusive solution.

That’s why we provide a completely bespoke service to meet the unique nature of your business and property, ensuring that you comply with Regulatory requirements. Our expert design team will help you to arrange the best choice and location for suitable light fittings, from simple exit signs to sophisticated automated illumination.

We can even create budget solutions to convert your existing lighting to provide emergency functions.

Like everything we do at PME, our emergency lighting service is completely customised to you, incorporating YOUR design ideas, working to YOUR budget and YOUR timescale.

We are seriously passionate about customer service. It’s a value that has stuck with us over the years since we started as a family business more than 19 years ago. So not only are our electrical engineers highly qualified and certified by the necessary trade bodies, but they strive hard to ensure that they will exceed your expectations in all aspects of our service to you.

If you are a business or landlord and would like to find out more about our emergency lighting services, just call or email us today for more information.

As a business owner or property manager, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of staff and visitors to your premises.

Emergency lighting is an important part of this. Escape routes and exits must be illuminated in case the normal lighting supply fails.This is an essential legal requirement for all commercial buildings, from office blocks to residential complexes and industrial sites.

If the lights go out, you need to be able to demonstrate that everyone in your building can easily and quickly get themselves to a safe point with minimal panic and confusion.



Ensure your property is protected with the best professionally installed emergency fire and smoke alarm systems. Monitor your property with full CCTV surveillance and security systems. We can even install emergency back-up power systems in case your lighting or security systems unexpectedly fail.


We love helping our customers create the stylish features that make your property truly personal to your business. Luxury finishing touches like recessed lighting and outdoor heating can create the ambience a modern building only can benefit from.


We know how important energy efficiency is too. We can carry out home energy and heat tracing audits and show you how your office or building can run more efficiently or make use of the latest solar and wind powered technology,to turn your building into an environment conscious project.


To make your home work with your modern lifestyle, we can install state of the art systems for home entertainment, AV SAT systems including HDMI technology, smart home features like climate and lighting control functions that can be controlled from your mobile.