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How remote access to your home can save you time and money

Remember when the ability to use a remote control with your TV made life so much easier? Well, the ability to use a remote control with your home can do the same. Now, you don’t have to keep getting up and going back and forth to press buttons and prepare things. Instead, you can just pull up your smartphone and do it from wherever you are.

Image being able to have the kettle already boiling before the advert break, instead of having to get up to make that cup of tea and wait?

Here are three ways in which remote control access can save you time, and money.

It makes forgetting quicker

It can be such a pain to suddenly remember that you’ve forgotten to turn your home lights off. You’re halfway to work and you suddenly remember that the oven is still on, or you forgot to close the garage door.

Well, with remote control technology, all you need to do is pull over, pull out your smartphone, and make the adjustments from there. Less than a minute and you’re back on your way to work with the peace of mind that everything is ok. All thanks to being able to remote control your home.

It helps reduce home insurance costs

One of the big ways in which remote control homes can save money is via insurance costs, or rather a reduction in them. Insurers know that homes with built in home automation and remote control functionality are less likely to require insurance payouts. They’re safer, more secure, and they don’t fall prey to the pitfalls normal homes can.

The home automation system can alert you to any problems which might happen. Whether it’s an increase in moisture content (potential water issues), or a break-in is occurring (which, thanks to home automation, is now more dangerous for criminals than property owners), or there’s a potential fire taking place.

For many insurers, homeowners with remote control capable homes can be quickly alerted to problems, and fix them immediately. As the homeowner, you’ll see this added safety reflected in your insurance bill.

Did I hear remote control convenience?

Imagine this. It’s the middle of winter, you’re on your way home from the office and it’s late. You know your home will be cold when you get in and it’s going to take a while for it to warm up. Until it warms up, you’re not going to be able to relax properly, and you’re truly tired from the long day you’ve had.

Luckily, you decided to install a home automation system, so you can remote control your home. Now all you have to do is open up your smartphone and turn the thermostat up before you leave the office (or on your way home), and you can get those 30 minutes you would spend waiting for a little warmth back.

Remote control systems can also wire in to a huge range of other appliances. Want to have a cup of coffee ready when you get home? Remote control your coffee maker. Want to have the lights on the moment you step through the door, or the garage door already open? There are a huge number of options, if you think it will make your life easier, it probably exists.


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