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Premises kept safe with CCTV and home security systems

4 Examples of Premises Kept Safe With CCTV and Home Security Systems

Keeping your home safe is important, yet sometimes it takes a little investment to ensure the right level of security. The past few decades have seen an increase in people buying security systems and so a decrease in successful burglaries. Not only do they act as a preventative for potential burglars, they can also help to track down the suspect after the fact.

Here are four cases where someone’s security system has helped to protect and secure their home or premises.

Homeowner catches would-be burglar on CCTV cameras

For Nate Gasser, his home security system has given him such peace of mind that when someone did try to rob his home, he took the whole thing as a bit of a joke. The home security system caught the thief on camera and the police were immediately called to his home, where they wrestled the burglar down and arrested him. burglar caught on cctv

The thief had tried to break into the house through the back, where he could not see any security cameras. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he landed in the garden he was caught by a hidden camera. Despite trying to angle it away from him, it was already too late. This just shows the importance of making sure to set-up a home security system correctly and strategically.

Nate took the video, added the mission impossible theme tune and uploaded it to Youtube, where it has been quite a hit. Nate is quoted as saying “You could stress out or you could make a joke about it and I like to make jokes about everything.”

Parcel thief caught after doing something he thought no one saw

Cincinnati, December 12th saw a thief caught after trying to run off with an unsuspecting families package. With the holiday season approaching and online deliveries at a yearly high, this would-be burglar thought he was going to walk away with a nice profit. Unfortunately for him, the family’s home security system caught him in the act. burglar caught on camera

This home’s security system triggered a camera when the doorbell was rung. Whilst the thief thought he was checking if the coast was clear, it turns out he has inadvertently triggered the device which led to police tracking him down and catching him.

Caught Stealing Christmas Decorations

A couple in Texas found two people trying to steal their Christmas decorations from the front lawn. Having gone to sleep and woken up the following day, they found that some of their favourite decorations had been stolen. Whilst they have not received their decorations back yet, the footage will help police in tracking down the suspects and help make the neighbourhood safer.

Thieves target Dundee Firm, get caught on CCTV

Two thieves tried to gain access to a Dundee firm and a neighbouring taxi company. Both Businesses are owned by George Scullion. Whilst not residential areas, Mr Scullion had luckily made sure to install cameras and other security features around both of his premises; including lights. This meant that the would-be intruders were caught in the act despite it being past 1 am.

CCTV from George Scullion's garage Scottish Blue Autocare  - attempted break-in

CCTV from George Scullion’s garage Scottish Blue Autocare – attempted break-in

Whilst not apprehended, the two fled after a security light was triggered by their movement. Luckily for Mr Scullion, his security system means they’re unlikely to come back. He is quoted as saying “We are looking over the CCTV footage just now and will be liaising with the police to help catch these guys.”


Installing a home security system can help to keep your home safer. As these stories show, they can be successful in preventing, stopping and apprehending criminals who wish to gain access to your premises. If you’re worried about potential burglars, or just want to make your home safer, considering investing in a good home security system now. PME are experts in keeping homes and properties safe, so don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your options.


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