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Why hire a NICEIC approved electrician?

If you’re planning on hiring a contractor to help with either your residential or commercial electrical needs, then hiring an NICEIC electrician is the most reliable and secure option you have.
Don’t know what an NICEIC approved electrician is? Take a look below to find out.

What is the NICEIC?

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting is the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for electricians. That means that members must adhere to strict safety and technical standards when it comes to integrity and competence.

What makes an NICEIC approved electrician special?

With a history of over 60 years, the NICEIC have built a reputation around ensuring an industry standard which is incomparable. All NICEIC approved electricians are rigorously assessed on a regular basis, with their previous work, equipment, the competence of key supervisory staff and even their premises being checked.
With these assessments put in place, as a client, you are guaranteed the highest standards. Moreover, the NICEIC believe that you should have peace of mind. Consequently, with the Platinum Promise, you are also provided with an assurance backed warranty from the NICEIC body, just in case something goes wrong.

They make sure your electrical installation is done right

Ensuring that an electrical installation is done right can make a big difference. Statistics from the Electrical Safety Council in 2011 stated that there are over 70 deaths and 350,000 serious injuries each year due to electrical accidents in the UK.
NECEIC approved electricians ensure that your electrical installation is safe, by making sure that there are enough sockets for electrical appliances, that there are no exposed wires or electrical outlets, that cables are correctly selected and installed in relation to the fuse or circuit breaker, and that satisfactory earthing arrangements are in place.
On top of this, you’ll be given premium results which last longer and don’t need constant maintenance.

They can help you to save time and money

It’s not just that NECEIC approved electricians provide premium results which last longer. Because of the strict standards involved in becoming an NECEIC approved electrician, they are able to authorize any work they have carried out with the Local Building Control Body. This means that you won’t have to bring in another contractor to approve the work.

They’re not just for new projects

NICEIC approved electricians can also help with routine maintenance. For example, many non-NICEIC approved electricians will miss important checks or rush jobs. Some will simply follow a series of expected procedures, without considering the specific needs of your industry or clients.
NICEIC electricians are usually able to spot problems before they become one. Having a head start on issues which might spring up in the future is a huge advantage when you’re running a business and you require your equipment to be working in top shape.

However, don’t just look at their NICEIC status

Being NICEIC approved does ensure that you are going to be receiving a high standard electrician. However, not all electricians are the same. Even within NICEIC approved contractors, there is a difference.
Make sure to look at feedback the contractors have gotten in the past. Reputation is important. Comparison websites like Checkatrade are a good start. If you can hear from past clients, it’s even better.


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