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Who needs voltage optimisation

What is Voltage Optimisation and who needs it?


The UK’s mains voltage is 242 volts. Most appliances and equipment, however, are only designed to run on 220 volts. Usually, electric systems allow the full 242 volts into your electrical system, yet these extra volts simply aren’t used and end up costing you money and put extra strain on your equipment.

Handyman Job Tools - Wandsworth and Battersea.

10 Jobs a Handyman Can Do to Make Your Life Easy


Sometimes, there’s just too much to get done around the house. Other times, it’s just not possible to get it done right without the right experience. Hiring an experienced handyman can be the difference between an amateur and a professional finish.  Here is a list of ten things where it might just be a good idea to bring in a little outside help.