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3 Most Luxurious Home Cinemas

The 3 most luxurious home cinemas in the world

Home Cinemas are becoming increasingly popular. They ooze luxury and quality, impressing guests and family members alike. However, there are different levels of luxury.

The most luxurious home cinemas are ones where the designers work closely with the people who are going to be using them. These home cinemas create an incomparable and special experience, one which is as magical as it is exclusive.

It’s not just about replicating that unique, cinema experience. It’s about making sure that the end result is a cinema you want to go to. Below are three examples which do just that.

The Titanic Home Cinema

One Tennessee family have a home cinema you probably wouldn’t expect to find on dry land.

The Titanic Home Cinema is room measuring 20-by-14-feet, decorated with first class ornaments and fittings. The luxury leather chairs are only part of the experience, when every time you look away from the screen you’re transported back on board the 1912 cruise liner, destined for the bottom of the sea.

Titanic Home theatre

Titanic Home Theatre

It seems like this home cinema isn’t just for watching disaster movies though. From ball games to any genre you could think of, the family have said that it “feels like you’re at the stadium or at the movies. It totally removes you from everything else.”

Looking at the home cinema’s décor will leave most movie watchers speechless. An ornate candelabra hanging from the ceiling and some historically accurate lampshades make this a blast from the past.

This isn’t all this family has ready for settling down with a good movie, though. Saying that they “like to entertain”, the lady of house said that it’s not just the home cinema which makes their movie watching experiences so special, there’s also a pub room next door.

The Batcave Home Cinema

Whilst Greenwich, Connecticut isn’t Gotham, $2.5 million can provide the illusion that it is.

The Batcave home Cinema will make you feel like you’re Batman, having a short rest between missions; catching a movie or maybe something on the TV.

Batcave Cinema

Batcave Cinema

Complete with replica Batsuits and a Batmobile (which reveal themselves behind a bookcase every time you pull a Shakespeare statue), you’ll constantly be reminded just how awesome watching a movie in a place like this is. The screen is even hidden behind a metal cover, which slides open before you watch a movie.

So, if you have enough money to spare and are a true fan of the Batman series, don’t hesitate to start working on your very own Batcave home cinema.

The Au Paris Home Cinema

Transporting themselves to France every time they go to watch a movie, one home cinema lover didn’t skimp on the details.

Looking upwards, cinema goers will find themselves staring at an eye-catching and uniquely patterned ceiling. Looking around, they’ll find some Paris-themed sights in the background (including a piece of the Notre Dame cathedral).

The screen is huge, taking up the whole of one wall. However, unlike some other home cinemas, the room is more of an ambiance, contributing to the feeling of watching a movie, rather than being the main attraction.

The Au Paris Home Cinema

The Au Paris Home Cinema


We can safely conclude that home cinemas are incredible, why waste your time going to the cinema when you can have one in your home?

Luckily, unique home cinemas don’t have to be as expensive as the Batcave, as grand as the titanic, or as exotic as Paris.

Companies like PME Electrical & Mechanical Engineering are able to create home cinemas tailored to your requirements. From basement cinemas to purpose-built rooms and ones which need to be hidden away when you’re not watching a movie, there is a huge range of options for Cinema lovers.


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